How Landscaping Increases Property Value


Michigan University did a study on landscaping which outlined the idea that for every $1 you spend on landscaping you get $1.90 back. That is a great return on investment. More than anything else you can do to increase the value, getting the landscape done is going to pay you back.

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What effective landscaping can do

Plants are a great way of solving problems. Say for example you have an overlooking neighbor or there’s a busy road in front of the house, a row of shrubs or small trees can fix it. Your budget will decide what can be planted, but whether you choose something immediate or a couple of years away, you have still made the investment.

Getting Professionals to help

Getting the landscape right is a mixture of being a designer, a builder and a gardener too. If you don’t feel you have all those skills then working with landscaping Jacksonville you will get the help you need.

Professional advice on plants is smart investing. Trees and Plants are not cheap so putting the wrong types of plant for your climate or watching your money die because that plant needs permanent shade is disheartening.

If you have any special features in mind like a fountain or a pond a landscaper can help you decide what would work, and then help you to make sure that your delightful pond doesn’t become a mosquito haven in the summer.

Landscaping on a budget

If you can reduce your costs as well as add value you have a win-win. For example, use recycled paving – much less expensive than new. You only need 10 square meters and often contractors will have it left over.

Above all enjoy your outdoor space it’s a great way to spend the summer.